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Claudia Maschi
Child & Adolescent Therapist

Qualified Integrative Children's Counsellor/Therapist and a Registered Member of the BACP.
Practising in South West London including Kingston upon Thames & Surbiton 


I am a qualified integrative children's counsellor/therapist and a registered member of the BACP offering online and in person therapeutic sessions to children and adolescents. 

We all wish for our children to thrive and live life to their full potential. Difficulties however may arise in life which may lead to children/adolescents struggling with day-to-day, experiencing overwhelm and worries they are unable to manage. This may be due to a traumatic event, changes within the family unit, loss of a loved one, challenges due to being neurodivergent and/or the impact of the demands of school and the environment. At times it may be a combination of challenges which even the child or caregiver may not understand the root of.


Parenting can be tough and at times seeking support from a counsellor may provide the child with a safe, confidential, non-judgmental space to enable her/him to process worries, make sense of them and provide tools to develop healthy coping strategies, build resilience and find ways to get through these challenges.

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How it works

If you are a parent/carer looking for a therapist for your child, I recommend we have an initial session on the phone or via Zoom where we can meet and where you can explain your child’s needs and why you are seeking therapy now for your child. This session will be around 30 Minutes and will be free of charge. It is also an opportunity to ask me any questions and share any worries you may have. We can discuss if online or face to face therapy suits your child best. If you are happy with the process and believe that I may be a good fit for your child we can arrange a time and day to meet with your child.

Sessions are 50 Minutes and run every week on the same agreed day and time. 

For in person, I will have sand, clay, toys, games and arts materials available for your child/teen, understanding the value of play and creativity to help process feelings and to make sense of the child’s internal landscape. For online sessions I am able to use alternative digital tools such as the white board, digital sand-tray and relevant games.

After the 6th session, I would recommend a review with yourself and your child/adolescent to review how things are going, what's working and what may not be working. This will be a good opportunity to review how many more sessions we may need/want or if another review may be best at a later stage. 

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Contact Me

If you have any questions or would like to book a session, please feel free to email me directly and/or contact me using the form below.


My e-mail address is


Thank You for Contacting Claudia Maschi Therapy!

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